Pursuant to Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, registered sex offender information is available here.
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Name: IVORY, John Donzell
Alias: John Donziel Ivory; Richard Ivory, Richard Patterson, John Patterson
Race: Black
Age: 53
Height: 6ft3in   Weight: 270
Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown
Address: 417 Wayne St. Dallas, TX 75827 (Map)
Offense: Violation of Sex Offender Registration County Counts 1 & 2; Violation of Sex Offender Registration Counts 1 & 2
Warrant: F-2014-1855-C
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Name: Zachary Rodriguez
Race: Hispanic
Age: 42
Height: 5ft4in   Weight: 180
Hair: Black   Eyes: Brown
Address: 1200 Dallas Dr., Apt #1218 Denton, TX 76205 (Map)
Offense: Fail to Comply Sex Offender Duty to Register for Life/Annual X 3; Evading Arrest or Detention; Fail to Identify Fugitive Intent Give False Info
Warrant: F22-3032-16
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